Enjoy a Jungle Trampoline at ‘La Rosa de los Vientos’

$83 for 1 - 5 people.

Amaze rooting yourself on a trip from origins to the present, in search of your participation for the joy of living and co-creating the common good.

Visit a territory of environmental restoration within a former zone of social conflict 25 years ago, because of poverty and displacement.

The whole experiences will be based on a social, environmental, artistic and health reference. Self-care processes, therapeutic massages, and personal conversations.

Furthermore, we share the territory with members of an indigenous family of the Embera Chami tribe, experts in traditional weaving who can teach you about it.

The activity includes

  • A meal depending on the timetables.
  • It may include snacks.
  • You can enjoy also mosaic, massages and self-massages workshops, workshops of poetry, music, painting.
  • And a Jungle Trampoline: A food and niche island is created to feed and for migratory species. There you can enjoy bird watching, herpetos (amphibians and reptiles) nocturnal watching, night of fire and nocturnal walks.

Notes / Observations / Restrictions

  • Up to 20 people.
  • About 3 hours long.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Repellents, Mountain footwear, Swimsuit, Raincoat, Coat.
  • Take into account that the place is the base of Los Nevados National Natural Park, and because of that the climate is variable since it is rainforest.

Meeting Point

You take the paved road from Armenia or Pereira to Salento, after the straight there is a descent with curves.On your right you can see two wax palms, and immediately ‘the triangle’, the first building on the right. Stop right there! In front of ‘The Triangle’ there is an unpaved road located on the left bank of the road going down, finding the Reserve at 400 meters.


Boquía, Quindío, Colombia

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